GMDC Projects

GMDC, in addition to managing, maintaining, and improving its properties, actively looks for still more opportunities to uncover underutilized buildings. Crafting public/private financing, engaging staff in building design and reconstruction, and marketing newly renovated spaces to small businesses, manufacturers, and craftspeople are all ways GMDC can influence how unused properties will be reinvented and push its mixed-use agenda. GMDC seeks to position itself as a national model that could be replicated. Keeping light manufacturing and artisans in American cities is paramount to the preservation of buoyant mixed-use communities such as Greenpoint. 

As long as visionary designers, committed manufacturers, and active small businesses look to grow and thrive in New York City, GMDC will strive to help them realize their ambitions.  Below is our most recent development project.

Construction is underway for GMDC Ozone Park Industrial Center

GMDC Ozone Park Industrial Center will be marketed specifically to businesses that seek the locational and market advantages of New York City. The project will address New York City’s growing emphasis on retaining manufacturing space for small and mid-sized businesses by marketing to GMDC’s traditional tenants: custom woodworkers, cabinet makers, artisanal trades such as set builders and display makers, homes goods manufacturers, metal workers, and garment makers.Read more